Higher Education Coordinating Council

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Higher Education Coordinating Council Meeting


March 11, 2011
Turlington Building, 17th Floor
325 W. Gaines Street
Tallahassee, Florida 32399
9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

  1. Introductions and Opening Remarks
  2. Updates from Council Members
    Letter to Senate President [263 KB DOC]
    Letter to House Speaker [264 KB DOC]
  3. Comments from Business & Industry Representatives
  4. FRAG (Florida Residence Access Grant) Overview
    Theresa Antworth, Director, State Scholarship and Grant Programs, Florida Department of Education
    FRAG Presentation [369 KB PPT]
  5. Financial Aid Presentation
    Dr. Dan Cohen-Vogel, State University System of Florida and a representative from a member school, Council for Independent Education
    Cohen Vogel [2.78 MB PPT]
  6. Status Reports
    1. Articulation, Coordination and Policy Work Group
      1. Residency Motion and Recommendations – Chancellor Will Holcombe
        Residency [61 KB DOC]
    2. In Progress Program Inventory – electronic example
      Richard Stevens, State University System
      Program Inventory [647 KB PPT]
    3. Talent Supply Chain Work Group
      Dr. Mary Lazor, Workforce Florida and Representatives from Fairfield Index (Talent Supply Facilitator)
      Workforce Presentation [1.98 MB PPT]
  7. Budget - Brief Overview – Tim Jones, Chief Financial Officer, State University System of Florida
  8. Meeting Schedule (April 2011 – August 2011)
  9. Public Comments (3 minute limit per speaker, as time permits)

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Mar 11

HECC Meeting

The Attainment Goal Initiative



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