Higher Education Coordinating Council

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Higher Education Coordinating Council Meeting


March 27, 2015
9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. or upon conclusion of business

Room 401, Senate Office Building
Tallahassee, Florida

Sample letter – Example regarding the impact of federal actions that impact education sectors-offered by Dr. Ed Moore, ICUF

Opportunities Pathways Pyramid – offered by Dr. Ed Moore, ICUF

Financial Aid – Response to House Committee, offered by Dr. Ed Moore, ICUF

Task 3 - Internship-Fellowship-Externship Partnership

Intern-Extern Service Chart 2

Meeting Agenda

HECC Transfer Report (Rec. 2)

Core Measures Paradigm

Comparison SUS & FCS Performance Plans

  1. Introductions - Thomas Kuntz, Chair
  2. Approval of Minutes from February 23, 2015 - (previously reviewed by members)
  3. Further Development of the HECC Priorities for 2015
    During each meeting, we will continue to develop and ultimately finalize conclusive action for each of our priorities.
    Materials submitted by members have been posted online, prior to this meeting.
    HECC Priorities for 2015 – Focus on Accountability and Performance Designated members are guiding the work of the Council, continuing the intent of the HECC priorities focused on accountability and performance. Progress reports from each member-leader:
    1. Marshall M. Criser, III and Dr. Chris Mullin (surrogate for Chancellor, Florida College System) to report on Recommendation # 1.
      Define sector specific metrics to align with statewide higher education policy and fiscal goals
    2. Dr. Ed Moore to report on Recommendation # 2.
      Increase number and proportion of transfer students earning degree credit
    3. Susan Pareigis to report on Recommendation # 3. (narrowed)
      Postsecondary student internships/teacher externships– Part of the recommendation for collaboration between business community and the education system
    4. Chris Hart, IV to report on Recommendation # 4.
      Aligning, prioritizing and incentivizing education funding to better meet industry talent needs
    5. Ken Burke - Examine state merit and need-based financial aid programs
    6. Al Stimac - Mechanisms to identify certificate and degree programs to meet workforce needs
    7. John Colon and Chris Mullin (FCS) - Enhance career education counseling in middle and high schools
  4. Discussion
  5. Public Comment

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